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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oligohydromnios, IUGR baby, SLE

these past few days, I keep on searching about these term and all about..
try to understand
and try to relate with me
n why doctors and the pakar keep telling me this
suspected these on my beloved baby (my baby is in me for the past 8 months..in me!!!)
n they decided to perform the karyotyping analysis
to investigate my baby's chromosome and all the stuff
at first I go down in deep stress
but after a while i keep on thinking mine is ok
Allah will never put me in trouble
but if there it is, I can accept it
setiap yang Allah tetapkan itu ada hikmahnya
I hold on this
hold on this
hold on this!

but sometimes
I cant hide my worry
I want my baby
to sleep in my arm
to hug him
to kiss him!

please Doctor! stop telling me your baby is like this and that..your baby will be like this and that, your baby survival will be this percent...pls stop telling me what is untrue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. saba sah..
    saba bnyk2 k.. doa bnyk2 di bln ramadhan ni :)